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Society and Culture Marlow

  • Marlow Methodist Church - Offers church activities, including service times, calendar and youth.
  • The Marlow Society - Established charity describes its aspirations in preserving and protecting the heritage of the town and surrounding countryside.
  • Marlow Town Regatta and Festival - Official website for the annual event at Higginson Park Cricket Ground. News on ticket sales, corporate trade stands and craft fair.
  • Millican Dalton - Biography of and tribute to Millican Dalton (1867-1947). This London insurance clerk dropped out in 1897 and divided the rest of his life between a cave in the Lake District and a tree house in Marlow Bottom. When it burned down he moved into a tent - he died of pneumonia aged 79.
  • River Church : Marlow Congregation - Marlow congregation of River Church, part of the Pioneer Network of churches and a member church of the Evangelical Alliance. Sunday Meetings at 10.30am at Holy Trinity School.
  • The Rotary Club of Marlow - Includes club profile and objective, image gallery, meeting schedule and information about the officers and membership.