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History Milton Keynes

  • Evolution of The Redway School - History with photos from before the school, about Queens School and Oliver Wells School which both closed giving way to Redway School in 1993.
  • Grand Union Canal through Milton Keynes. - An historic look at the canal and its culture, associated trades and businesses, the surrounding environment and its leisure uses from then till now.
  • Greenleys Past Present and Future. - Early land use through development to today's society. Brief history of Milton Keynes development, first homes and residents of Greenleys and their now three schools.
  • The Guest Girls - The life and times of the Revd Allan Newman Guest,who was the vicar of New Bradwell from 1908 to 1946 with photos and stories from the time, along with the History and tales of Stantonbury/New Bradwell.
  • History and Development of Stantonbury - From building plots in the early 70's to homes and campus. A brief look at the history, people, events and campus that make up this community.
  • History of Great Linford and St Andrews C of E First School - A look at the school and village life around it, from 1609 to 1978 and how war affected things.
  • History of the Central Shopping Centre - From construction through development with its many identities on the way, now including art, entertainment and even annual events.
  • History of Wavendon 1900-1925 - Village, church and school life in Victorian Wavendon. Story told in words with the aid of many photos, sound tracks and a map.
  • The Lives of children in Old Bradwell during WWII - History of the village, home and school life, plus coping with evacuees, on the local school children during the war period.
  • Living Memories of London Road - The history from rural road to suburban street of the main road through Loughton with details of the landmarks and brief autobiographies with stories from some of the older residents.
  • Milton Keynes Village - The village that gave its name to a city. History along a time line along with interesting facts some prominent associated people and buildings.
  • Wavendon from 1970 to the Present Day - History and development of the village, church, school and old stables that today give us a thriving urban lifestyle with an internationally renowned entertainment venue and education centre.
  • WW11 Secret Intelligence Activities around Milton Keynes - History of the Special Communications Unit, Political Warfare Executive, secret aviation, Special Operations Executive, Radio Security Service, The Political Intelligence Department and Department Electra House all locally based.